Victor's Carrd !

Kitty! We'll soon be together I promise..

I'm Victor
I'm a minor



About me !

My Interests !

not in order

  • Fran Bow

  • Genshin Impact

  • Identity V

  • Animal Crossing

  • Music

  • Drawing

I'm only good at small talk but I can give anything a go

Discord -
Victor 💌#2211
Genshin Impact - 709783174
Chicken Smoothie -
Mr. Midnight

My Socials !

Warning - I make a LOT of your mom a ton.
Also I'm busy quite a lot

  • Basic DNI Rules (Transphobic, homophobic, rasict, etc)

  • DSMP Fans/Stans

  • People under 13

  • People who use slurs as insults (Using them as insults isn't reclaiming)